Sugar Advisor: Sugar Astrology

Last week I found out that I’m a Water Rooster. Smart, quick-witted, tenderhearted, and compassionate animal. At least this is what the Chinese astrology says. Apparently, I’m amusing, outspoken and honest. Am I the happiest being social and surrounded by others? Naaah…

My statement will be the following. I have always been curious about horoscopes and astrology, I think that there is a drop of truth in a sea of nonsense invented by colorful magazines. However, I was shocked when my potential Sugar Daddy qualified my date of birth to the year of Rooster and stated that our acquaintance cannot succeed. Water Rooster and Fire Tiger are apparently not compatible. Can astrology set us up with a perfect Sugar partner?

Delving into the philosophy of astrology and getting to know the individual signs, I realized – watch out! Almost all of my Sugar Daddies were Tauruses! Generous leaders and individualists. Is this a coincidence? I do not think so. A few websites describe them as perfect partners for a romantic, relaxed, carefree life. I knew that my intuition was impeccable.

My research has determined that there are actually four signs recognized as the best Sugar Daddies:

Capricorn (goal-oriented, ambitious, loyal),

Aquarius (supportive, humanitarian, giving)

Gemini (open-minded, social, energetic)

Taurus (generous, tender, devoted)

Of course, let’s be aware of the multitude of constellations but some features are repetitive. One question that I will ask a potential Sugar Daddy from now will be his date of birth. The zodiac sign or the Chinese calendar can give us a lot of hints, but, obviously, everyone is different. However, going deep into astrology can be unhealthy and we can give up interesting relations.

Many women have a tendency to believe that their path is written in the stars. They attribute failures to incompatibility of signs, and success – to faith or love at first sight.

Please, get real! Some connections can be felt as if they were written in stars, but only a well-developed mutual understanding, appreciation and inspiration can be called magic compatibility.

Sugar Dating is a simple form of relationship in which concepts like destiny, astrological selection, soul mates or “finding your second half” should hardly take place. As we all understand, this relationship is based on mutual respect, benefits and quality time.

I believe that there is one experience in our lives when magic is just tangible. Falling in love. A cosmic, moving and almost unrealistic occurrence. The release of energy and excitement. A mental and physical discovery of each other. Excitement. Chemistry. There is nothing as powerful, motivating and inspiring for me. We are in trance, flying and spreading happiness around, the world becomes colorful and unearthly.

Real falling in love does not happen very often, especially in the Sugar Bowl. Relationships here are based on mutual respect and agreement. Nobody, however, is forbidding us to bring in the compatibility of personalities and signs; it’s nice to feel some mystery magic, which, by the way, I’m now experiencing with my new Sugar Daddy…