Sugar Advisor: Parlez vous français?

Location, location, location. We all know that a successful business, restaurant or a perfect holiday depends on its central location. Was it enough for me to have a breathtaking view of Eiffel Tower from the balcony and take two steps to the vibrant Avenue des Champs-Élysées? Absolutely.

How can I call these few days spent in a city of love? Sensory overindulgence.

Miss Ko. Chic Japanese-style canteen located just next to the Sugar Babes mecca, Louis Vuitton Flagship Store. My Daddy was in his element, sipping Jack Daniels with Coke. An unearthly Japanese-fusion cuisine, vitalizing music and women. Beautiful, sensual and fashionable. I have never seen such a compaction of Sugar Babes in one place.

After dinner, we went to Les Chandelles. This place is indescribable. Hidden, secret and exclusive club for adults. A mix of senses, touch, taste, and view. There is a lot to look at, alluring women and tempting men in the intricate intimacies with the admixture of alcohol. It’s not easy to get there, but once you open this hidden gem, you’ll get addicted.

After the heady and passionate evening, we went for a trendy brunch which turned into day-long seating. Where? Of course Le Café Marly. “Brasserie offering a stunning view of the Louvre Pyramid.” This chic venue offers a delightful, bold, and innovative menu”. They also offer the sweetest Bellini and even 5 in my case.

During the tipsy walk, we came across Angelina. A classic French patisserie with delightful, traditional desserts. I have never experienced the orgasm in my mouth until I tried their signature Mont Blanc: Meringue, whipped cream, chestnut cream vermicelli. I assure you, in Paris, all the roads lead to Angelina (possibly also to Arc de Triomphe).

Since we missed the afternoon Apéritif, we decided to keep the bubble mood. Where? Of course in the historical Buddha-Bar. A precursor of a real concept of Art of living. Restaurant-bar-lounge which moves you into a distant climate. The presence of amazing drinks and Buddha’s statue in the middle invites you for an exotic journey. I was on board!

I crawled into our last stop. Matignon à Paris. How to describe this place? A French Jungle. A combination of the Paris upper crust with the suburban “Wanna Bees”. A luxurious canteen at the top, a Versace style club downstairs. The decor did not knock me down, but truffled penne did. It’s hard to avoid low self-esteem when you’re surrounded probably by the most attractive Sugar Babes in the world. Matignon is our capital. Skin color or origin does not matter. There is only one goal – to get into this red Ferrari standing in front of the club. To make everyone speechless – you are the chosen one.

Fun Fact: Did you know that when the Parisian LV boutique changes the exhibition, every shop in the world has to go in their footsteps? Btw. Louis Vuitton never has a sale (boo). If any products have not been sold in a given season, they are sent back to France and commissioned destroyed.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor