Sugar Advisor: Sugar Stereotypes

Many people associate Sugar Babe’s stereotype with women who wear a mask. Not only as makeup, but also as an act to cover the real personality traits. It seems to us that the world of Sugar Dating is ruled by Snow Queens – spoiled, bossy women with exorbitant demands and unusual desires. These are women who got lost in the material world and deprived themselves of their weaknesses to inspire successful men. Is this type of personality even attractive? Where are the authentic and natural girls who want to discover unconventional relationships?

Let’s break this wall. Any of us can be Sugar Babe. It is not important whether you are short or tall, whether you are a bleached blonde or a redhead. Each of us has the right to explore unusual connections. We do not have to be ‘somebody’ to enter the standards of this environment. Peculiarity and difference are even more attractive than clones changing Sugar Daddies like gloves. Throughout my journey, I’ve met many types of Sugar Babes. There were those high-maintenance ones and those normal, usual exploratory students. Some of these women you would never suspect of having a connection with older, wealthy and successful man – they just seemed too ‘ordinary’. Each of us enters this world for a different reason. For some, it’s financial desperation, for others it’s the urge to discover something new or addiction to expensive attire. Even though we have different purposes and motivations, we are thrown into one bag as Sugar Babes.

However, authenticity and diversity is the key. Do not give up your own values and do not enter the role of playing the perfect Sugar Babe. The most valuable muses are passionate, confident and unique women. They do not play games and are guided by their own instincts and preferences. Experienced Sugar Daddies can sense a primitive fakeness.

Being yourself is hot. Being yourself is attractive. Honesty is appreciated. Putting on a mask shows fear of being judged. Think how our environment would change if each of Sugar Babes could honestly admit their interests. The stereotype of the ‘cold b*tch’ would cease to exist, and normal women who explore unconventional relationships would not be devalued.

Men could openly admit that young women make them become more motivated, active and vital. 

If this is a well-known fact, why is it still a taboo subject? Sugar Dating is not a crime. When will we be ready to proudly announce “I’m a Sugar Babe” to the whole world? I do not know, but I hope that society will finally get rid of prejudice and understand that regular women tend to be better Sugar Babes than overly mannered Barbies. They do not have demanding requirements and remain faithful to themselves. Be a woman of substance. Choose your own path and ignore opinions of others. You can be whoever you want, and Sugar Dating is the sweetest version of a relationship.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor