Finding balance between Sugar Dating and life

What I consider as balance, is a harmony between your physical actions and mindset. Living in peace with yourself and your nature brings stability in private and professional life. Most of the choices made in a state of peace are beneficial to our lives. What happens when we have to separate our desires from the things and people who fill our everyday life?

1. When Sugar Dating becomes part of your regular life, you need to mark the border between friends, family and a partner that diversify your life. Your fantasies and desires should not affect relationships with your relatives. Do not neglect anyone, try to make all people feel your presence and commitment.

2.Be honest. Transparency requires courage but also eliminates problems like lies, betrayal, or lack of attention in relation to the closest ones. Expect negative opinions but always remember that you make your own decisions and follow your path.

3.When you meet with understanding, take the time to explain to the closest people what is the reason for your interest in Sugar Dating and what is your goal. Share your desires and it will be easier for them to understand your choice.

4.Find your priorities. When you work or study while exploring Sugar Dating, never put it back in the background. These are the things that will help you in the future when Sugar Dating will stop being entertaining. Do not depend financially and emotionally on your partner, keep your independence which you will need when he disappears. Being independent is an absolute turn on. When you focus on building your own life, you become more attractive.

5.Your task is to be an entertainer, a smart, intriguing person who emanates with positive energy. When you are in the company of Sugar Daddy, your everyday problems do not exist. Do not harrow him with your complaints or issues.

6.Be a chameleon woman. Develop the ability to move from role to role. At one moment be a seductive lover, in the other a loving daughter and a trustful friend. Find these roles and discover yourself on many levels. Separate these roles because of them your personality will have a chance to grow.

7.Set a time frame. When you develop an agreement in the initial phase of the relation, be aware how often you can meet your Daddy, not to neglect any part of your everyday life. Let him know what he can expect so that he will not be disappointed later.


Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor