Sugar Advisor: Courtesy of Cambodia

There are places in the world that gave you shivers when you were a child. Poverty, starvation, and life in misery were the incomprehensible world when you lived in childish abundance. For me such a country was Cambodia. I was overwhelmed when I first learned about the terrifying dictatorship of Pol Pot.

However, my last trip changed my mind and opened my eyes to the problems of the third world countries. The journey was obviously initiated by my former Sugar Daddy. I don’t know the person who liked to wallow in luxury more than him. It was not the surrounding materialism. He was a luxury and a class himself. Perfect manners, intellect, and sophistication. A Gold Man.

We took a limousine with the flags to the Raffles Hotel, irreplaceable royalty element. We loved Raffles French colonial style with exquisite food and excellent service

The Cambodian reality that surrounded us, surprised me a lot. Siem Reap was a city full of humble, enthusiastic and resourceful people, willing to work and fight for a better future for their country. Also noticeable pervasive simplicity, Cambodians live simply, eat simply, and dress simply. You couldn’t miss the usual hustle and bustle on the polluted streets. A mixture of Khmer people living on the sidewalk with figures looking down from the Rolls Royces. The scent of acceptance your fate from the poor and the superiority of the rich. Questions about communism evoked embarrassment and shame. Of course, the ancient complex of temples was worth every hour of travel. Incredible images on Tonle Sap Lake and unusual floating village gripped my heart. I fell in love with Cambodia.

I spent a lovely, quality time with my talkative Scottish partner. His turbulent character and positivism made my time all day long. I loved advising him in the selection of his branded outfits. We fine-dined, fine-slept and fine-sightsee.There is something about Scottish gentlemen that I really like. I don’t know if it’s a characteristic throat accent, the art of drinking whiskey or verbosity.

I’m fed up with Western people claiming that relation between a young female and older man is always based on financial reasons. In Asian countries, the relationship with the noticeable age difference is considered normal. Older, Western gentlemen love to surround themselves with beautiful and exotic Asians who adore them. They are graceful, carefree and magnificent cooks!  That’s why so many men decide to marry and give them a ticket to a “better” world, which is to be west. There is nothing surprising or outrageous about it. With time, it was implemented here.Where did we lose so tattoo- popular expression “Carpe Diem”?

Travels broaden the mind and expand horizons. No matter if you are alone or if you are with much older man. No matter whether you have paid the journey or It was sponsored.Appreciate them equally. Each trip is a lesson and an observation of the environment. I draw conclusions from every single one and so my wonderful adventure in Cambodia ended with the satiety and inspiration.


Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor