Sugar Advisor: I am a goal digger

What do I do when there is no sugar daddy on the display? Shocker, I work as a cleaning lady. In a break from the luxurious lifestyle, I descend to the working class. I don’t mind it, I like diversity. No job is too humble. I even think that it has a healing effect. Every sugar babe should experience a cold shower from time to time. Deliberate how much raw, gluten free and dairy free bread costs. Coming back to your inner core is important. Who am I when I represent myself and not a rich guy beside me? It’s called emotional hygiene or mind management.

Remember your origins and why you have chosen this kind of lifestyle. Appreciate the benefits and be grateful for your unique journey. Perhaps you were born with a pretty face and you know how to take care of your body. Manage your brain the same way. Prioritize. Don’t throw yourself into an abyss of materialism. There is no escape from there. It’s going to be either a learning experience or a sick addiction to the manner of living. Either you will stay there forever or break the adventure. Don’t get me wrong. There are happy endings for Sugar Babies.

Fabulous weddings and not so fabulous marriages. You don’t want to end up like Jocelyn Wildenstein or wait… maybe you actually do. She drowned in plastic surgeries and fortune. Why? She caught her Sugar Daddy husband in the act of copulation with the 19-year-old Russian model. Jocelyn won a divorce court case and cashed 2.5 billion dollars. Well played. Sometimes remaining in the horrible relationship pays off. Literally.

It doesn’t matter whether you are just starting the adventure or you’re already a trained Sugar Baby. Remember, you’ve gotta have a damn good head on your shoulders.

I have two qualities which they adore: East European origins (poor part) and I’m redhead. They love freckles. We’re all familiar with the stereotype of the hot-tempered redhead women. Why Slavic girls? Innocence and determination. Unbelievable craving for a better life. Desperate Masters of Science in supermarket cash register, it’s a daily sight. Diploma’s not a ticket to anymore. Education is what you learn after you leave school. Nowadays, you need connections or ability to impress the right people. Sugar Dating is a combination of both. He shares his network with you, you spoil him. It’s a straightforward agreement. Be conscious that’s an easy option.

You can get up and fight every day. Malala Yousafzai has become a popular known figure across the globe. The dedicated young woman has been advocating women and rights to education since more than two years now. The commendable efforts by Malala made her credible for The Nobel Peace Prize Award. Impressive, isn’t it? Of course, achieving a goal like this will be more satisfying for a warrior, but do we all have to be like that?

There are many paths leading to the destination. It’s crucial that you get there and hopefully all hard-working ladies from Poland and Pakistan too.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor