Tips for the first vacation with your SugarDaddy

Summer is almost here so it is very likely that your SugarDaddy will invite you to spend a fancy vacation with him. This is of course a great achievement in the life of each SugarBaby and it is something to be excited about. But you should keep in mind that there certainly are things you should be prepared about in order to avoid first-time-vacation nightmare.

Plan together

For a first time vacation, you should definitely choose a destination that covers your mutual interests. Not every man wants to shop all day long and not every girl wants to play golf during the whole vacation. Before you decide where to go you should find together a place where there is something exciting to do for both of you. Naturally, if you need a day off from each other, ask your SugarDaddy for his credit card so you can spend couple hours in the shopping mall and he can enjoy his favourite type of vacation activity by himself. ☺

Avoid long travelling

Save the 20-hour flight to Australia for your next vacation. For new relationships, we recommend going somewhere with shorter travel time. The more hours spent by travelling and changing flights, the more stressful the whole experience gets.

Don’t pack too much

Travelling with your SugarDaddy is all about sharing fun time, relaxation and great memories. To avoid any unnecessary overcrowding in your hotel room, you should remember to pack lightly but stylishly. How to do it? By packing couple of well matching tops and bottoms, you can combine these pieces to many different outfits. Make them look special by bringing some accessories and of course don’t forget about more than one swimsuit.

Keep him happy

Your main focus should be on keeping your SugarDaddy as happy and relaxed as possible. Make sure he feels comfortable around you by showing him respect and genuine interest. Ask him questions, get him involved into a good-quality conversation.  A small but very nice gesture is to always hold his hand while sightseeing. Don’t forget to compliment him once in a while.

The first vacation with your SugarDaddy is also a great opportunity to get to know each other really well and to figure out if you could imagine sharing the future together. Now when you know how to act and what to avoid on your first mutual vacation, have a wonderful summer full of sugar! And in case you are worried whether your SugarDaddy is planning to take you on the vacation at all, read our blog post about how to ask him for travel.