Being sexy made easy – what men are really into

Being sexy made easy – what men are really into

How do men perceive you when you’re walking down the street? Are you an exciting date?

Long legs, blonde hair, big boobs, intense gaze – that is how many women imagine the women of men’s dreams. But what are men really into? Are they really as primitive and superficial as we imagine them to be? Or are these all prejudice? Could it be the simple things that persuade men?

SugarDaters shows you 5 things that men are really into when it comes to women.

1 – Adventurous spirit

Let’s be honest: Sure, everyone likes to spend time in front of the TV every now and then, but do men really like these couch-potatoes? Men are attracted by women with a thirst for adventure. These women radiate a certain ‚joie de vivre‘ and excitement. A thirst for adventure shows men that you want something from life, have fun, go out, and experience new things. Testing limits and going on adventures together lets your relationship grow to further levels. Who experiences something exciting together with someone is projecting these special experiences to the person they were with and that makes you sexy.

2 – Honesty

A German proverb goes: „Honesty is the best policy“. And that sure has a ring of truth about it. Not only men hate to be lied to. Intrigues lead to nothing but conflicts and trouble. So – be honest to your man and don’t conceal important things he has to know about you. It is also fundamental to be honest to your friends and family. If your sweetheart overhears you lying to your mum on the phone, he will ask himself if you are not also doing the same with him.

3 – Self-confidence

We admit that this is nothing new. Nevertheless, a lot of women still make the mistake of whining about their body and their problem areas. Although it sometimes is difficult – rather stick with what you have and be happy about it. That makes you much more sexier for your partner. Insecurity makes you unattractive and that does not only count for outward appearances. Low self-esteem in a relationship can be even more worse. Questions like „Do you still like me?“ or „Do you think the shop assistant doesn’t like me?“ can get on someone’s nerves in the long run and are unsexy. Also: „Fishing for Compliments“ is very embarrassing when it becomes obvious. So rather be satisfied with what you have and make the best of it. That way you will soon get compliments for who you really are.

4 – Naturalness

Ever had a one-night stand and then looked for your makeup bag like crazy before he would wake up? You will certainly not be the only one. But you actually do not have to stress so much about this. Because men are attracted by natural women. It is indeed more embarrassing when the next morning brings up an unpleasant surprise: Artificial hairpieces, push-up bras, or fake nails are true nightmarish thought for a man. You better count on a subtle makeup that highlights your best assets instead of trying to hide presumed flaws.

5 – Independence

Independent women are so interesting because they radiate „I can take care of myself. I need no one else than me.“ That way a women makes it more exciting for a man to conquer her. Because – to put it quite bluntly – Men are hunters and they want to hunt. So let them make an effort to win your affection and love, be free and independent – financially and emotionally. That shows success and ambition and we all know – THAT is sexy.

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