How to ask your Sugar Daddy for travel?

Let’s get sugar. How to ask your Sugar Daddy for travel?


Ask him about the best trip he has ever taken. Get him talk about what he loved the most about that trip. Was it the place? Was it something different that he did? Was it the cuisine that he enjoyed? Finding out what he prefers, would be easier for you to plan it. Because it will be something in it for him as well, not just for you.

Drop hints

 Could you imagine how awesome it would be to smoke weed on the streets where is actually legal? “ Just try to find something specific for that place you want to travel to, and drop some hints very subtle. Plant some ideas and scenarios in his head. He’ll take care of the rest.

Mini time alone

“I can’t get enough of you”. I would assume your Sugar Daddy is pretty busy, and most of the times, even your time alone with him, is not actually alone. Getting interrupted by all those phone calls or simply not being entirely disconnected from real world, can actually disturb you from having a really great time. That’s why, even if it’s just for a weekend, point it out clear that it will be just for the 2 of you, no phone calls, no interruptions, no excuses.

Brand new swimsuit excuse

 You just purchased a really kicking ass, sexy AF swimsuit, but you have that tiny little problem- where to wear it. Put it on, take a photo and send it over to you Sugar Daddy asking: “can you imagine this swimsuit covered with sand? Because I do”

Or if you already had a better way to pursue your Sugar Daddy to accompany you in a trip, share it with your sugar sisters, they’ll appreciate it.

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