The sweet first message

Creating just the right first message, neither boring nor weird, is something of an art. The secret is to provide as much information as to intrigue, while still maintaining a sense of mystery.  To  get inspired and make sure you send the ideal message, here is a checklist with things to do and things to avoid while writing to a SugarBabe. 

The little things

First, take a minute to read her profile text and briefly mention something specific you like in it or on her public picture. The goal is to let her understand that your message is unique and meant for her only. In case you’d like to copy-paste a line you have just used, do change a small detail here and there to make your message look personal.

Keep it simple

It is better not to write an essay as your first message. Avoid lengthy writings, keep it nice, short and relevant. You can introduce yourself in your profile text, where she can read everything you want her to know about you, not your first message. Most elegantly this should be 2 or 3 sentences where you can start with a remark about what you like about her, and finish with an intriguing question or polite invitation to respond.

Money talk

One thing you should try to avoid in your opening message is talking about gifts, subsidies and cash.  It is true that SugarBabes love these things, but some women might find it strange that you are sort of offering a price, before really having started talking to one another. SugarBabes don’t like to feel like an item for sale and there is no need to make an offer in your first message. Let things develop naturally and allow this conversation to take place later on. 


Your first message is the only chance to make a lovely first impression. You would want to stand out for the right reasons and make her think that you are intelligent, polite and well-mannered. In order to look the part, you will have to maintain proper grammar. Dropping a “‘’How R U??”’’ is less than romantic. Show that you care, use the time to write the words in full and keep an eye on your punctuation.