Flirting with a Sugar Baby Do’s and Don’ts

One thing it has to be clear form the very beginning: in a Sugar Dating relationship, is about companionship not about unlimited authority over the partner. Therefore, in order to have a good start in your relationship, in order to have your partner “chase” you, and do the things you expect them to do, here are few suggestions that might help you.

It is not an easy task to get a Sugar Baby to like you and “chase” you. That’s why is always a good idea to:


1. Make the first step.

Probably now you are wondering: Just because I am a man I should make the first step? The answer is no. You should not make the first step just because you are a man. But you should make the first step for two main reasons: first is because it’s more likely that you as a Sugar Daddy don’t have a profile picture nor a profile text, hence, practically a Sugar Baby is in completely dark on who is she approaching. The second reason is that women in general have a sensitive way of handling rejection. Having the fear of being rejected, they would rather play on the safe side and continue waiting until a Sugar Daddy approach them. But you don’t what to lose her, right? So you’d better send her a message now. 😉

2. Entertain

How to entertain a Sugar Baby? Well, that doesn’t mean that you have to fool around like a clown. One of the reasons why a woman wants a Sugar Daddy is for his life experience. Tell a story from your past, a story that can inspire, or one that made you feel embarrassed, or one outlining a mistake that you’ve made. A Sugar Baby’s purpose is to get to know you better. What could be more entertaining than a real life story? 😉

Just because you had a bad experience with a Sugar Baby, it does not mean all Sugar Babies are the same. Bad fishes should not toss you out of the water. Reason why you should not:


1. Playing the unreachable “game”

Sugar Babies  do not expect that you think about them all day long, but you should never pretend to be unreachable.  Yes, busy, you have to run a business, but you should find some time to answer messages or to call back. No one is claiming that you are “that guy”, but if the truth be told, there are enough men playing “not available” just to drag even more attention. 
Here is the secret: This is not a good tactic and Sugar Babies don’t like this. It is very easy to say that you are simply not interested. 

2. Entitled to have sex on the first date

If your purpose is just to score, then most likely is not a Sugar Baby that you are looking, but an escort. There is a huge different between those two. A Sugar Baby is looking for a man who can bring value to her life, someone who can be a true companion, someone who can help her to reach her goals. Don’t shove down to the wrong path, and re-create the concept of Sugar Dating and most importantly, with this tiny mistake you can really offend a Sugar Baby. Play on the safe side.

Put this intro practice and let’s see how your success will be boosted.

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