National Compliment Day for sugars

Did you now that National Compliment Day is actually a thing? “A compliment is something like a kiss through a veil”– Victor Hugo

Do you enjoy compliments? OF COURSE you do! Then 24th of January is actually the day when you should receive and be generous in making someone feel appreciated. If you don’t know how to do it, the go through the short inspirational ideas we had prepared for you, and hope you’re going to consider to brighten someone’s day.

We gathered some of the famous quotes that we considered are suited.

1. I really admire the way you handled that.

Genuinely complimenting a man’s judgment, abilities and integrity is a major ego-booster. Make him feel like the man he actually is-powerful and self confident.

2. I love it when you [fill in the blank].

This not only reinforces behaviors you actually enjoy, but it means also a confirmation to him that what he’s doing is pleasing you — and that means in or out of the bedroom. So why not letting him now if it’s a win-win on both sides?

3. You look extra manly today. I totally love it.

After all, a Sugar Daddy should often be an alpha male. Compliment him for the extra time he used in order to look impressive. Perhaps he did it just for you.

4. You are more attractive than any women in that movie.

Yup, any girl/woman would love to hear this coming from her partner. After all, you chose her for a reason, right? You have to “defend” your choices and what a better thing to do than complimenting her.

5. Spontaneity (or anything else descriptive) is what I see when I think about you.

This kind of compliments would make her to reflect upon her behaviour and decision-making when it comes arranging dates with you. She will probably make the date/arrangement twice as spontaneous or bubbly. Nothing can go wrong when making a compliment.

6. Hanging out with you is always a blast.

Because being a Sugar Baby is not always about money and gifts, but also about some other kind of satisfaction you can get out of this type of Sugar Dating relationship. Letting her know that she has reached her goal-the one of making you feel comfortable, take the stress away and being a very good and pleasant company, will make her feel even more appreciated

And btw, when someone makes you a compliment, don’t act modestly or brush it off. Usually is better to accept a compliment rather than to put yourself down: – “You look so nice in this dress”. “Yeah, I starved myself to fit in”. There’s nothing sexy in this.

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