Advent Calendar on its way on SugarDaters!

We want to send a BIG thank you to all the creative Sugar Babies that took their time and uploaded Christmas themed photos and helped making this calendar a success. Sugar Babies from many countries, such as Germany, Denmark, Greece, Poland, Finland, Romania, Russia, and Ivory Coast did their best in order to present how would they seduce Santa. And really, the photos worth more than a thousand words. šŸ˜‰

The girls that have not been yet contacted by the SugarDaters team, means that they have not been selected for the competition due to many different reasons such as: their photos were not Christmas themed, their photos were not creative enough or the photos had really bad quality or there were many applications from the same country, and therefore the competition was tight so we had to select the most creative photos.

Finally, the countdown timer for uploading applications has just ran out, and we are ready to announce thatĀ every SundayĀ starting fromĀ 27th of NovemberĀ untilĀ 18th of December, Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mammas will get the opportunity to open a new window on Ā SugarDatersĀ®Ā where they can admire and vote for their favourite sugar baby.Ā 

Each Sugar Daddy and Sugar Mama having either a Premium or a non Premium account on SugarDatersĀ®, will be granted with 5 votes. This means that every Sunday they are able to give their vote only to one specific Sugar Baby, the one that they like the most. What if a Sugar Daddy or a Sugar Mom wonā€™t be able to log on SugarDatersĀ® on Sunday? Then no worries, we thought that through. Ā šŸ˜‰ Ā They will be able to vote for the favourite sugar baby within the 4 Advent Sundays and the weeks that follows them.

If you did the math, perhaps you figure out there are only 4 Sundays, and still, there are 5 available votes. So whatā€™s up with the 5th vote?

Well, after Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas would have used all their 4 votes, we thought that maybe they liked one Sugar Baby so much, that they will need one extra vote to make it more obvious which one is ā€œTHE ONEā€. And therefore, they will have one extra weekĀ 25th – 31st of Ā DecemberĀ Ā at their disposal, where they can admire ALL the Sugar Babies, from all 4 weeks in the Advent calendar, and give that one extra special vote, to that Sugar Baby they fantasize about.

So, itā€™s totally up to Sugar Daddies and Sugar Mamas who is going to be the Sugar Baby having an awesome start in 2017 with 3000ā‚¬ in her pocket.

The winner will be officially announced on our blog, on 2nd of January. We also hope, that the winner is going to share with us a photo or a video displaying how she had used the money.