How to spend Easter

Since Easter is pretty much knocking at the door, we thought to share with you some funny, relaxing and unusual ideas on how to spend Easter. Moreover, if you didn’t find a sugar daddy yet, these ideas are perfect for those “rainy days” but hey, you cannot even imagine how much happiness, gratitude, achievement and self-awareness can bring into your life . So here’s 10 ways on how you can spend your Easter without spending a penny.

  1. Unplug . Nowadays we are so very much connected to our computers, tablets, phones, and we pretty much forget how to live our lives without this technology. So how about making a short test? Designate a day or even a shorter period of time, where you simply unplug all of these devices, and see how this will work out for you. After all, you should control the screens, not the other way around 😉
  2. Take a moment . Take time to walk through what went good and bad for the last period of time and reflect on your goals and how you’d like to improve them. Simply take a moment an reflect on your life. You might find some really good insights hidden somewhere in your mind, but you will never discover them if you’ll be all the time that much connected to technology. 😉
  3. Make time. Make time for people that matters to you. Good time with those you love, is always time well spent. Weather is family, friends or someone you haven’t talk to in a while, take part of the Easter time and reconnect.
  4. Looooong bubble bath.  Happiness is a long bubble bath. 😀 It is so easy to create a spa in your own bathroom. Lay in the bathtub and watch your favourite series along with a nice bottle of wine. PRICELESS.
  5. Naked. Wanna fell free like a new born baby? So how about cooking, laying on the couch, eating ice-cream or popcorn completely naked? Make sure the radiators are high enough so you won’t get a cold. However, walking naked in your own home might bring to you the most freedom feeling ever.
  6. Learn something new. Learning not only gives you new knowledge but also improve your confidence. So find out more about that specific subject you’ve always been passionate about. Either is history or psychology, explore that area and develop that skill.
  7. Read a book. Spend some time with a book. Either you finish the one you’re already reading, either you visit bookstore or public library to stock up. Either way, that’s an improvement to self development.
  8. Take a (short) nap.  A short afternoon nap is enjoyable, physically beneficial, and good for maintaining energy and attention. So why not doing it before a long meeting?
  9. Lay in bed. You are entitled to be lazy once in a while. So just lay in bed relax and day dream. As far as I know that didn’t harm anyone.
  10. Join a competition.  Why not doing something completely crazy? Or not necessarily crazy, but joining a competition might make your Easter something to look forward to. Think about the satisfaction you’ll have if you’d win that competition. No idea where to start to enrol in a competition? Start with SugarDaters’s #arttomasterpiece 

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