Gentleman rating

Today we are introducing a new feature on called Gentleman rating.

Gentleman rating is developed to ensure that our members communicate in a proper way with each other. Since there previously has been cases of rude and sometimes even abusive messages we are introducing a system so that the users will be able to rate the messages they receive.

With Gentleman rating, both male and female members on SugarDaters will be able to rate one another since we do not only want the men but also the women to be ‘gentlemen’ towards other users.

Whether you want to rate others’ messages is optional, however is it important that both the good and the bad experiences are rates, so that the good users can be rewarded and the users, who are a bit too rude, can be motivated to send better messages.

During the first couple of weeks, data will be collected through the users’ ratings. Hereafter the users will be given between 0-5 stars depending on how other people have rated their messages. If you have a low rating, it is because the recipients have rated the messages you have sent negatively.

So that the users, who get a low number of stars, have the possibility to improve their rating, it will be possible to see, how your messages have been rated so that you know, how and where to improve and get more stars.

Since the number of stars, which you earn, solely is determined by how your messages are rated, the only way to change the number, is to write sweet, kind and welcoming messages. Our support team, therefore, has no influence on and is not able to do anything about the number of stars, which you earn.

We are happy to introduce this new feature and hope that will become even better with Gentleman rating.