Is sugar dating season already open?

Denmark, Norway, Germany and some other European countries are gradually loosening up coronavirus lockdown restrictions. Now that you probably made a long-awaited appointment for a haircut and some of your favorite shops have reopened, it might be tempting to think about opening the dating season. It’s spring after all!


It definitely might feel as if the lockdown has been lasting forever by now. Besides, it is hard to imagine spring without love. So, should you invite a sugar daddy, a sugar baby, a sugar mama or a boy toy you’ve been in touch with during the lockdown on an actual date?


Even though the restrictions are being relaxed, going on real-life dates wouldn’t be the safest move just yet. And even if the two of you would meet wearing masks and manage to keep your hands off of each other (in the most literal sense), now is still not the right time to meet in person yet. Why? Well, some of European officials are warning about a possible return of the pandemic if we are not careful enough. And thus everyone is being encouraged to keep all the safety precautions in place.


As intriguing as they might seem at this point, the actual person-to-person dates will have to wait until the atmosphere is clear. Both figuratively and literally. Meeting anyone right now is still pretty careless, not to mention meeting someone for the first time.


So, keep your dating game online for a little while longer. The more careful we are now, the sooner we’ll be able to return to our favourite restaurants and resume our usual outdoors activities. And, of course, properly reopen the dating season!


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