Top 5 age gap relationship misconceptions

People love to judge, especially when it comes to things they don’t really understand. Age gap relationships are definitely one of those things that raise an eyebrow or two for those who… just don’t get it. Here are 5 most common misconceptions surrounding the concept of an age gap relationship.


1. The younger one is only in it for materialistic reasons


This is probably the most common one, well represented in movies and pop culture by the widespread ‘gold digger’ archetype. Such people do exist, however, it’s not always the case. Some young people like dating more experienced individuals because of the kind of charm that only comes with experience.


2. People attracted to mature people have ‘daddy/mommy issues’


C’mon. Really? To be completely honest, everybody has some of those to a certain degree. But to assume that a young adult is into someone who’s older than them simply because of abandonment issues is oversimplifying things.


3. Young people are immature as partners


One of the greatest misconceptions of all time. You don’t have to repeat the same mistake ten times over the years to finally learn from it. For some people, one is more than enough. In other words, age doesn’t equal experience. Besides, immature 50-year olds exist as well.


4. Mature people are disappointed in love and bitter


Well, that depends. Some young people are too. Unavoidably, we all view our current relationship through a lens made out of our previous relationships. Therefore, some people simply prefer to turn a new page in their love life with someone who has less baggage.


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5. Different generations – incompatible mindsets


Well, this one can be true oftentimes. However, different outlooks towards life can also complement each other in an age gap relationship. Young person’s spontaneity and mature person’s experience can be a good combination for new experiences and exciting adventures. Start your new adventure here