Long Distance Sugar Dating: 5 Things You Need to Know About It

Long distance sugar dating is not for everyone. It requires from you to be satisfied with less. Instead of meeting up for dinner, a phone call has to be enough. There is an event that you would attend with your sugar daddy if he was here, but, well, he is not. 

This kind of relationship requires a certain type of character. When it comes to sugar dating, long distance relationships are more likely to happen. Sugar daddies often travel for business, so there is a high chance that you will end up dating someone from another country. 

Long distance relationships also have certain benefits. For example, since you don’t get to see your sugar partner often, you really cherish the moments that you get to have together and make the most out of them. Also, if you are a studying sugar baby or a busy sugar daddy, this type of relationship gives you plenty of time to focus on your individual life. 

To help you decide if a long distance sugar relationship could be for you, we prepared a few tips that you should have in mind 🙂




1. What do you need out of your sugar relationship?

Are you fine with seeing your sugar daddy rarely? How often would you like to meet in person? Do you expect phone calls with him? If so, how often? Now, we don’t encourage you to overwhelm your potential sugar partner with a bunch of questions. As much as it’s important to talk it all through, you first need to be honest with yourself.

2. Would you like to keep it exclusive?

With sugar dating some couples choose to be exclusive, some prefer open relationships. If you live in different countries and only get to meet a few times a year, exclusivity might not be what either of you want. Just remember: if you’re considering seeing someone else, be open about that with your sugar partner.




3. Safety is a priority

Here, we encourage you to read our post about safety for sugar babes. As always, when you meet someone online, there are a few safety rules that you have to follow. When it comes to meeting someone from another country, we also encourage you to set up the first meeting in your city. And, of course, in a public place. If you choose to visit your sugar partner first, have your own hotel room and meet him in a public space. You need to be prepared to handle your own accommodation and flight if something doesn’t go right.

4. Be realistic and think it through

Talk to your sugar partner how often you would be able to meet. Be realistic about it. This way your partner will know what to expect since the beginning and won’t get disappointed. There are so many ways to arrange a meeting. Do you always want to be the one to visit her in her city? Do you want to fly her out to your country? Or do you want to take a trip together somewhere else?

5. Keep it exciting

When you don’t see each other regularly, it’s easy to lose the spark. Luckily, we live in the era of the Internet. Once you get to know your sugar partner better, send a flirty message or a cute picture. For your own safety, keep it classy. But you can still make it sexy. Just show the picture of your new outfit, take a selfie when you’re feeling particularly cute, or take a picture on your night out. The most important thing is to not let your sugar partner forget about you.


And what do you think about long distance sugar dating?