Why Do Men Like Sugar Babes?

More and more men choose to try out the sugar daddy lifestyle and date a sugar babe. But why men like sugar babes? What makes them stick around? šŸ¤”

Sugar babes understand but don’t demand

Sugar dating is a mutually satisfying and genuinely loving relationship. While sugar daddies allow sugar babes to dream big, sugar babes are there to comfort and to appreciate them. There is a satisfaction in giving a person experiences that otherwise would not have been affordable.

Sugar Daddy in his expensive car

Most of the sugar daddies are lonely, they travel a lot and they seek for a companion. Sugar babes respect men’s need to find balance between busy work and dull life. They understand that most of the times sugar daddies are travelling a lot so they don’t necessarily have the time or the energy for regular traditional dating.

In other words, sugar babes are not too much emotionally demanding. They will give their sugar daddies attention and make them feel celebrated without complaints or drama.

Sugar babes are wild and free. But most of all, sugar babes are fun.

By dating a sugar babe, men are bringing the energy of someone younger into their life. Anyone who spends time with a young, energetic and attentive person is revitalised.

Sugar Daddy & Sugar Babe enjoying their vacation in Ibiza

Sugar Daddies may consider themselves as education angels

Sugar babes always look to improve themselves and their lifestyle. It is rather common for sugar babes to seek for professional connections and they are smart and charismatic enough to make them through dating a sugar daddy. At the same time, there are men who just want to help young girls get an education or succeed in life. It might sound cheesy but it does exist. In this kind of sugar dating relationships sugar daddies are some kind of mentor and sex may not be as important as the sugar babe’s success.

In general, being a sugar babe is definitely not easy. It takes lot of natural and learned social abilities. Dating a sugar daddy for every single week for a long time, requires lots of patience and intuitive skills. Moreover , sugar babes are quite selective. For example, they usually avoid guys with poor conversational skills. However, you should always keep in mind that being a sugar babe is more of a relationship and not a transaction. If a man opens the conversation by asking “how much”, she is out.

Sugar babe picks things for the trip to the resort

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