Get Featured on the 2020 SugarDaters’ Calendar

Dear SugarDaters members

We would like to thank you for all those times when you voluntarily engaged in our projects 🙏  

You now have the opportunity to experience a boudoir professional photoshoot and be featured in the 2020 SugarDaters’ calendar (check the 2016 SugarDaters’ calendar here). We wish to showcase the diversity of the sugarbabe community and you are our best ambassador 🙌


The aim of the 2020 SugarDaters calendar is to break the stereotypes around sugarbabes ✊ How many times did you have to explain that sugar dating is a relationship and not an exchange? The negative assumptions of being a sugar babe can feed the wrong stereotypes about the sugar dating lifestyle. No, it’s not true that all sugar babes are spoiled, only money motivated, all looks and no brains. You don’t have to be blonde or big breasted to be a real sugar babe. And you don’t have to be in your 20’s, or a student to be a sugar daddy magnet 😉

Therefore, why are you different? Let us know and you could be one of the lucky ones taking part in a professional boudoir photo shoot session in a luxurious setting. Those photos will let the whole world know that the sugar babe community is diverse in itself.  

What’s the challenge? 

The challenge is to think about yourself and about what makes you different. What’s that special thing that other people admire or even envy about you? WE WOULD LOVE TO KNOW 😍

What do you have to do? 

👉 Send us your short story at about what makes you unique, different, special. Tell us how you don’t fit certain stereotypes when it comes to sugar dating. Feel free to ask us anything else you would like to know about the project. 

👉 Attach a picture of yourself and don’t forget to mention your SugarDaters username.  

The deadline is the 22nd of September 2019❗

The SugarDaters team will afterwards shortlist who will be the 12 outstanding participants with a stereotype-breaking story that will be featured in the SugarDaters 2020 calendar published this Christmas🎄 

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