RedenUng Counseling: Is age just a number… or?

It is important to be honest about your age when you are sugardating since it could have serious consequences.

You may feel that it is the age difference between you and your sugardaddy that makes the relationship interesting. You tend to believe that some of your fantasies and wishes would be fulfilled by an older person who is at a different point in their life and will introduce you to a world which you will otherwise never have access to.

On, you are required to be at least 18 years old to create a profile but with online dating, it is just as easy to lie about your age. On the RedenUng’s anonymous chat counselling platform, we often meet youngsters who find themselves in a tight spot because they have simply not been honest about their age. To lie about your age is seemingly harmless since age is just a number, right? But it can actually have severe repercussions like:

  • Lack of consideration
    Usually, an 18+ sugarbaby or boytoy would be treated with less care and consideration since the SugarDaddy would assume that he/she is experienced. Many youngsters use online-dating to get their first exposure to the sex world and sometimes it might even end up to be their first sexual experience. But if you are dating an older man, he usually knows what he likes about sex and knows that he can skip over some steps with another experienced sexual partner. Therefore you risk having your boundaries crossed or doing something which you are not ready for.

  • To do something you are not ready for due to lack of awareness
    Being young, you are not yet aware of your sexual boundaries since it is something that comes with age and experience. For this reason, your limits can more easily be crossed if you have lied about your age and hence you might risk doing something you are unprepared for.

  • Violence and Rape
    By lying about being older, there is unfortunately a bigger risk of rape. This is both because of your inability to say or not daring to say no – but also because there are some men who will try to prey on young people. When someone is young, these men can be specially dangerous since they are hard to read and they know that young people are easier to persuade.

  • Turn the sugardaddy into a criminal
    You may put your sugardaddy in a difficult situation which he could have avoided had he known your real age. Imagine the awkward moment if he had lied about being 30 years old while he is actually 50. It is not nice to be lied to and makes a person lose trust in other people. Furthermore, a sugardaddy can end up in a situation where he unknowingly breaks the law.

Therefore, it is important that you are always honest about your age even if you maybe have lied about your age in your profile to gain access to SugarDaters. Being honest allows others to understand why you need to take thing slower.

But the recommendation from here on is clear: if you are under 18 when reading this blog post, you must close your profile and wait until you reach 18. We know that sugardating is really exciting but there are also many good reason why the age limit is 18 years old 🙂

Julie, RedenUng

If you can recognize yourself or someone you know who are in such a situation and need a talk, you should contact the helplines in your country. RedenUng offers anonymous chat service on . Unfortunately, the website is only in Danish at the moment and only offer help to Danish speakers or English/Nordic speakers in Denmark.

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