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Summer Sugar

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Our longed-for time has finally come! Summer! Combination of rosé, bohemian dresses, and loafers! Your social calendar is bursting at the seams! Picnics, festivals, and outdoor fine dining. A sea of  essential accessories like Gucci sunglasses, SPF for your fair skin and an inseparable champagne glass in your hand. Summer is the time of celebration! How does Sugar Bowl celebrate? Keep on reading to find out 🙂


For all these  Sugar Babes who are holding up to fashion trends, linen will dominate this whole summer  season. This fabric is breathable and in earthy colors, which is just perfect for summer. You can choose from floral dresses, puff sleeves, and transparent plastic raincoats, combined  with mesh bags. This year, we also adore the color of mustard and pastels . Do not forget about fringing, which is a must-have for all the sassy barbecue parties. Strong makeup is passé. This season we go for naturalness and simplicity. Frivolous hair surrounding your tanned face and the smudge of highlighter it’s a bull’s-eye.

Monochromatic looks prevail among Sugar Daddies.. How about an all-white-everything outfit wonderfully composed with a fresh tan? Women just adore your brown ankles in Lord loafers. Vertical stripes make furor, especially on Gucci style joggers.


Your attitude towards summer fun should be light, spontaneous and open. Getting to know new people is associated with chatting, curiosity, and honesty. Most of the friendships are established during summertime, when people are charged with positivism and solar energy. Who does not want to build a network in exotic conditions?

Do not play the diva. Be modest, polite and above all: grateful. Thank your Sugar Daddy at every step; show that you appreciate his efforts. Take the initiative and foot the bill. Believe me that it will inspire him. A woman who knows the value of money is at a premium. Don’t act like you are entitled to anything, at the end of the day you are his guest.


Extending the holiday romance can be tour de force when you need to come back to the gray reality. A long distance relationship or adjusting two different lifestyles to each other can be a real test for your connection. A great consolation, however, is that there is always summer somewhere in the world; so jumping on a refreshing getaway should not be a problem.

Allow me to add my favorite quote by Nicholas Sparks regarding summer romances:

“Summer romances end for all kinds of reasons. But when all is said and done, they have one thing in common: They are shooting stars-a spectacular moment of light in the heavens, a fleeting glimpse of eternity. And in a flash, they’re gone.”

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