Sugar Advisor: Sugar’s expiration date

Sugar’s expiration date

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Every relationship has its own expiration date. From this border, it either goes into routine hibernation or disappears forever. As I described earlier Sugar Dating is like a constant honeymoon without getting married. If the relationship is based on mutual pleasure, where does it lead and how long it can last? How not to burn the bridge and ensure that the parting is as enjoyable as the honeymoon?

1.He chose you as his Sugar Baby not without a reason. You are probably an ambitious, intelligent and classy woman. You know how to handle most of the frustrating situations. You know that leaving a good impression on the exit can pay off in the future. No matter what the reason for the breakup is, it is important to finish it with respect and in a mature, friendly way. Every passionate, carefree romance will end. Try to do it with a mutual understanding and positive energy. A drunk argument or weeping is a no go. You are a lady, not a lost bimbo.

2.If you are an experienced Sugar Baby and know your value, you also know how important independence and lack of addiction are. Whether it is a mental or financial addiction, you have to get rid of both. As a strong and successful woman, you have your regular life and Sugar Daddy is just an addition, and without him you can support yourself financially just as well. Always be aware that a playful relationship is based on a bound, but not one that links you to the grave. It is an attraction and good energy, not a marriage. Emotional addiction does not make sense.

3.Nobody likes rejection and even honesty ; sometimes does not pay off. However, you must explain your reasons and be firm about your opinions. For him, it may be a shock and he will need time to digest it. Respect his reactions even if he is emotional and hurtful. It is important to set boundaries at the beginning so that you do not experience painful situations and disappointment in the end.

4.The practical side of separation is as important as emotional. It should never happen via social media or text. If you value your partner, show him respect and take the time to clear up the situation. Dinner or a drink in his favourite place is a good idea. Lead conversation so in the end he would only have positive remarks about this place.

5.Emanate positive and honest emotions. Show him your gratitude and appreciation for all the amazing common experiences. Let him remember what modest, considerate and undemanding woman you are. Let only positive memories stay in his memory (wait, were there any negative since you are such a perfect Sugar Baby?).

6.When you end your relationship in a “friendly way”, it does not always mean you will stay friends. Everything depends on the relationship and the connection. Feel instinctive whether he will be open to continue a more earthly relationship. How positive would it be if your former Sugar Daddy joined your circle of inspiring and supportive friends?

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