Sugar Advisor: Walk of shame

Walk of shame

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Imagine the gaze of people when you stroll with a mature man. When the difference of age and size wallet is visible to the eye. Vicious looks full of one-sided evaluation and disrespect. People letting you know that this is an abnormal social phenomenon. Sugar Dating has no right to exist in certain cultural circles. People dislike distinctness and courageousness. Lack of sex and routine in a relationship – these are common social norms. Why in Asia or Indonesia we, people who are open-minded, feel freedom, independence and breathing space? You can be whoever you want. Shameful merciless assessment of women realising their dreams by accompanying the older man. Why don’t we evaluate desperate men traveling to Asian countries to experience the mental and physical freedom that I have mentioned? The social norms there give us a sense of acceptance and belonging. We all came there on holiday from a grey, ruthless reality. How sweet would it be to constantly stare in the eyes of this defenceless Thai girl? Here, by contracting with an inspiring, older man, you are neglected. Where is “here”?

A large number of European countries are rooted in tradition, religion and social regulations. New trends in relationships exist but under the cover.These are taboo topics. That is why it is so difficult to legalise sexual homosexual marriages. People are afraid to admit that their lifestyle is different and to be expelled out of society. We should be proud of our otherness. Only being honest and open-minded about our own preferences will give us power. A few days ago I dared to perform on Polish television and make myself known as a Sugar Babe. I met with a wave of extreme hate and envy. I stirred up in people, their rooted values since day one. Look ahead beyond the margin, it is indeed heavy and can be painful, but a freedom to be yourself brings relief. Currently, I don’t fit into any social standards. I intend to drill down the subject of unconventional relationships. I would like to expand human consciousness. People in European countries should become more futuristic. It seems to me that there will be more units going beyond the margin, wanting to uncover their preferences to the public. Why? We are tired of the imposed system and norms.

I love a man who is 31 years older. I travel with him. I begin to see the world with its experienced eyes. His knowledge and grounding give me energy and inspiration. I satisfy him.Yes, he has the money. Aren’t social economy standards claim that the man should ensure prosperity to the household? Why am I called a prostitute? This is my way. I just don’t sit at home and cook. I am open to the world and want to discover it. Don’t fit into moral standards, create your own.Be courageous and “never let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game”. Sugar Dating is renamed relationship that can bring you joy and prosperity.