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For the past few months, I have focused mainly on the spiritual side of Sugar Dating. Now you’ve mastered the techniques of the seduction, sincerity and intelligence. You know your expectations and feel confident as Sugar Baby by choice. Time to focus on grooming. What? Those unshaven legs that you cover during the winter. Trim this greasy hair that you hide under your hat. And of course, nails, my obsession. In my head, I created a list of essential treatments that must take place in order for the meeting to end with fireworks. Of course with your approach and good energy, Ex æquo.

Let’s start from the top:

Healthy, fresh and stacked hair. Your enemy is the split ends! Spend some time on YouTube to be able to refine these perfect Victoria’s Secret curls.

Illuminated, glowing and dewy complexion.Use face masks. Green clay for the pores, shea butter and collagen for moisturizing. Bet on more expensive foundation, the base is everything. Eyeliner on fleek, lips that emphasize the color of your skin.

Cloth. Sexy Elegance. ALWAYS works. Simple rule: reveal your legs, cover your cleavage, back and forth. Leave something to his imagination.

Perfume? Feminine, seductive but not a scent of desperation (read: overpowering). Neat, smooth hands and feet, run into a beauty salon for mani and pedi! Your biggest friend is Wax. Remove hair every few weeks. Being smooth is trendy and sexy! Nobody wants too naturalistic and stinging Sugar Baby.

Take care of hydration, elasticity, and silkiness of your skin. Indulge your senses with the exclusive formula of coconut oil. Rub it into the body, face, nails, and hair. Sleep oiled and you will wake up like a Cleopatra after bathing in goat’s milk. Posture and silhouette can decide on the final evaluation. People in seconds estimate reliance, social status, and intelligence.

You can forget everything but please, use an eye cream. This is my Holy Grail product. The first signs of aging appear around the eyes! Pat and dab in opposition to gravity.

After the preparation process, look in the mirror and create an inseparable supplement. Flossed and glossed smile. Positive approach, confidence, and excellent humor are the most attractive additions.

It is also important to have internal tuning and to find a balance. Slow down. Take a de-stressing bath, drink tea, listen to relaxing music. Chime in for a date. Feel complete, outside and inside. Be on time, man will sense your haste and absence of focus. Find inner peace, lack of chaos. Calmness emanates from you, men can sense that. When you calm down, you look energetically, your skin is rested and facial features change. Send positive vibes. Let the man find peace in you. This is what he is looking for, tranquility. After business hustle and bustle, he needs silence and attention. I wrote about the geisha ritual in an earlier blog post. Hang up and abandon all the problems at home before the date. Leave fully relaxed and ready for challenges.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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