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Some time ago a new idea began to grow in my mind, the idea of boxing. Not fighting but boxing our lives. Every relationship, friendship or connection is like a separate carton with chocolates. Large boxes as extensive relationships affecting our lives. They are also small boxes as fleeting, insignificant acquaintance. They contain chocolates that you know you like and so-called surprises. Relation box consists of the variety of memories, emotions, and feelings towards a certain person. Every time you open the new box you feel thrilled. Huge choice, variety and great appetite to satisfy thirst. Not without a reason chocolate contains serotonin, the commonly named hormone of happiness, which is also emanated in a state of falling in love.

The box helps you satisfy your appetite, you stay in it like a new relationship. However, with time, the variety is reduced and the lid remains closed. After consuming all the chocolates, you fall into the sugar come. Yes, Sugar Babes get sugar comas. Especially when Sugar Daddy sweetened their life too much. Lack of responsibilities and growing addiction is the best recipe for cotton candy coma. You are satisfied. The box seems to be comfortable and cozy, no stimulating surprises. Break the lid. Do not get me wrong, friendship and family boxes should remain closed. However, the lid in the romance box should be always lifted. As described in a previous blog post, an example of the open cage. Man must open many boxes and try a numerous number of chocolates to settle in one of them.

Don’t forget about yourself. Don’t sit in one offering your exquisites. Open up to new acquaintances. Try new chocolates. New flavors that melt in your mouth. You can also decide which box you like the most. My favorite flavor is definitely nougat. Boring chocolate outside and an interesting nutmeg center. I like this kind of men. As if they carried a secret inside. There are not simple, you have to unravel them. Life is full of flavors. Especially when you are a Sugar Babe or when Chocolate Fondant melts in your mouth stimulating your senses. I have no feeling of guilt when it comes to chocolate since “There is always a space for dessert because dessert doesn’t go to stomach, it goes to heart”. As you probably know, I like luxury chocolates. Preferring Lady Godiva.

Recently I met a man that I could compare to the best praline. Praline hard outside with a liquid heart inside. He was a man of self-assurance, intelligence, and honor. The hardest one to melt. That type needs time and not much attention. It’s like putting praline into your mouth, tasting it and taking it out. Long and laborious process but how delicious when you crack it down! I succeeded, I entered his sensual center and melted away. Entering into a new relationship is like adding a box of sweets to your life. Remember not to eat them all at once. Find your favorite praline and keep the lid open.

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