Sugar Advisor: Bad Daddies

Bad Daddies

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Do you know this kind of men? Ego to the ceiling, danger to the ground. Business out of this world and celebratory social life. They are infectiously successful and dangerous. Like a virus. They spread out in your system to lull you into a false sense of security. Bribing us with assertiveness and charm. Pardon my language and judgment. I’m talking about a small handful of jerks, jumping from flower to flower. They are hurting and disappointing weak women. Now you are indignant and say that you are not weak at all. Maybe you are not weak but you are fragile, emotional and vulnerable. All women are, undercover or not.

Attachment is always born, even with an occasional partner. So I met one asshole. He played me like Mario and jumped on the next flower. Of course, Oliwia became gloomy and melancholic. Poor little girl. However, I found a recipe for these insignificant adventures with lord wise.Turmeric shots. They will greatly support your immunity and underpin spirit. Turmeric will rebuild your immune system for viruses and assholes. You will feel like a newborn, build resistance to any disease. Joking. No spice will save you from a broken heart. In relationships, you need to build your mental immune system. It doesn’t matter if it’s your lover, Sugar Daddy or boyfriend. If your connection is spread dangerously around your system, you can qualify the relationship as a disease. What are the symptoms?

Addiction to a partner (mental and financial), jealousy, disassociating yourself from the outside world (the “Nothing else matters” syndrome). Feeling of claustrophobia and fear of losing your beloved. Don’t get me wrong. Everyone has fear of losing. I’m talking here about the panic which leads you to think that without your partner your life will be ruined. Never! Ever! become attached emotionally to the player type, that is stupid. You will end up wounded and sucked out. They are like these bees sucking out your best and jumping on the next, beautiful, blossomed and colorful flower.

What’s the recipe for it?

Be Magnolia, be a flower that slowly opens. Don’t show all the glories and qualities at once. Give him a taste of your exquisite potion and then dose it. Be strategic. They are showing emotional immaturity by playing you. Show adulthood through honesty and willpower. I always refuse to play. It doesn’t always win, but the most important thing is to be in harmony with yourself and comfortable with the truth. I lost a lot of interesting connections because of the resistance of the superficiality and game. When a real relationship is born, the type of player is frightened. He panics before closing. Fear of separation and bonds appears. The bridge is burning because the situation went not after his thought. Don’t worry. Most of these men get bored with a promiscuous lifestyle and fragrant flowers. They become bitter and outdated in unrelenting loneliness. In the end, they regret not having one astonishing flower, a woman with values and support.


Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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