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I have always had a problem with networking. I don’t know if it was caused by shyness or just the fact that I don’t like people. My social phobia is easily activated when I feel the pressures of society. I’m not communicative or fun. Sugar Dating always pushes me to the limit. That is always the case. My Balinese Sugar Daddy was an incredibly friendly person.You probably know the type of person who finds himself in every company, whether it’s a Danish Queen or a cleaning lady. Disgustingly charming and it’s hard not to love him. He knows the way to win friends and influence people. I was annoyed and jealous. I had no idea about certain social procedures like building a network of people positively influencing your position and business.

The following tips are the results of watching my older companion, networking master.

You need to get people to like you. Communicate with others when they don’t really know that you are trying to communicate with them. Give them attention, make them feel relaxed and comfortable. Then you can start a process of formal communication from light-hearted, gentle fun. Be humorous, self-effacing and promote yourself as being perhaps, interesting. There are a scale and the balance of doing that. Be somebody that people notice and want to like. Sometimes they may have a little tingle of jealousy like “Who the fuck does he think he is?” . That’s quite an advantage because when you can get into the earshot and communicate, they think “I actually like that guy, that I thought I couldn’t stand”. It’s also about making people feel boosted but not just saying nice things about them, that’s not good enough. Sometimes it has to be a little bit of light ridicule as well as positivity and complements. Noticing details. Picking up the things that are important to people. If you go to someone and say “I love your gold Rolex watch” they will just think you are a gold digger. Spot things discreetly, play with words and then play with people. Identify, carefully choose words, not necessarily to make people feel too good in the company. You might want to outshine somebody because this is a person you want to get closer to. It’s a mixture of simple social skills and confidence.

My Sugar Daddy just opened an office in the new city. He was at the fancy hotel restaurant. He spotted the owner of the hotel sitting with the two big business-players in town. When the owner went to the toilet, he followed him. He said to the owner “incidentally” in the men’s room “ I truly think your place is exquisite. I just opened a new office down here. You are honestly doing much better than other hotels”.Chit-chat was followed by the question “Would you like to meet my guests?” which was a primary purpose of my Sugar Daddy.

You always need to look at the path and the path is never straightforward. If you say to somebody “I want to know you” it will never work. Perhaps going to somebody and complementing their wife or the girlfriend. The road is always swirly. There are few twists and turns to get to your goal. Quickly analyse the situation, think creatively and make it happen. Absolutely crucial thing is the details like remembering names of people, their children, even their cats. If you see a girl in the bar, speak to her, you have nothing to lose. You will probably not see her again. Often we fear rejection, but why should you feel rejection with something that means nothing?

How often do we go on date with the man from the website who is extremely nervous? There are a lot of people who’re uncomfortable with interaction. They are using websites to meet people while hiding behind photographs. For people who are Sugar Dating, to make the first date, a brilliant date, is to establish by one of the parties an agreement like “We will see how the things go and we shouldn’t worry about tonight or whether we will go for the second date. Let’s have a great time, relax and be ourselves”. Even if there will be no chemistry, you both still had an amazing night together.

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