Sugar Advisor: Catch me, if you can

Catch me, if you can.

Sugar Advisor

I don’t consider myself a woman hard to get. I don’t pretend to be an iceberg or play on feelings. My currency is honesty and interpersonal energy. If there are butterflies, there is a connection. I have experienced many fascinating techniques used by men to “catch” a woman. Some more elaborate, others more primitive. One memorable technique, in particular, I fell in love with. It was served by an experienced, older and charming man. He molded me like a pizza dough. It happened in a homely cafe that I loved to sit around, think over life and write. Delved into my reflections I wasn’t catching a glimpse of running reality. No makeup, loose hair and linen trousers – my uniform when I want to be invisible. Involuntarily, however, it got noticed.

I was informed that my bill was settled and that the stranger had left a trace. Business card. Not a phone number or a stupid message delivered by a waiter. A simple and elegant CEO’s card. Well played. What was so refreshing in that case? This man knew women. He worshipped me by buying me lunch and then gave me a choice, free hand. My decision was to call the stranger and thank or ignore the gesture. It was a charming move that of course aroused my interest in this man. A modest suggestion and lack of expectations, that’s the way to get me.

His master plan succeeded.

The phone picked up a friendly voice with an amazingly sexy accent. In one of my favorite movies (“A fish called Wanda”), Jamie Lee Curtis plays Wanda Gershwitz. This woman is turned on by masculine accents. I can easily identify with her. I adore Italian exaggerated romanticism, French artsy flow, and Russian dominating commands. The confident man spoke to me in a cafe, in the restaurant and in the bedroom, where I tried to outshout him.

Another winning technique used by big players is called “forgotten wallet”. On the way to dinner, the man realises that he “accidentally” forgot his wallet. She agrees with curiosity for the quick drop into his house. Or rather the villa. When a woman walks into a perfectly decorated and squeaky clean house, immediately imagines herself in his kitchen and on his bed. A  tour of the rooms by the charming guide is mandatory. Here is where emotional bond and feeling of safety is created. He invites her to his Kingdom. In 95 percent of cases, a woman is prone to return after the dinner to the house she was already in. She feels secure, relaxed and is familiar with the territory of the alpha male. Especially in cases where the house is a villa and the car is a Porsche.

I could list various techniques that worked on me or not. My dream is to play with open cards. I’m on for seducing but not deceiving, for passion and not repression. Less illusion, more magic. After all, building an honest, interpersonal relationships between people is the most magical part of life.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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