Sugar Advisor: D like Daddy and Dubai

D like Daddy and Dubai

Sugar Advisor

Stefan Żeromski. Polish novelist and dramatist. He was called the “conscience of Polish literature”. As a teenager, I read his novels and came across his visions of the modern glass-houses. It was an idea, a fantastic perception of the future, a conviction that the future of the people lies in the peaceful rebuilding of the world, in reforms and inventions. We can be sure that his visions were captured by the Sheikhs. They have created one of the richest and most developing cities in the world. The emirate of steel, naphtha, and glass. Playground for Sheikhs. Dubai not only attracts investors. The first on board of the Emirates planes are Sugar Babies.

Why? Because Sugar Dating in Dubai is different than everywhere else. It’s an adventure that not all the Babies survive. Since there are major religious and cultural differences, you will need to follow some rules:

  1. Public displays of affection are inapposite and contact between two unrelated bodies of opposite sexes is forbidden. Which basically means, no kissing, no holding hands, no hugging…handshake is on the very edge of inappropriate behavior.

Well, obviously I had no idea about the rule when I ran out of the Dubai Airport to kiss my Sugar Daddy. Thankfully he pushed the idiot (me) away so we didn’t violate the law.

  1. In the Islamic society, it is illegal for unmarried men and women to share the same room in a hotel. No comment.
  1. Muslims don’t drink alcohol. Forget about the lavish and boozy parties. Managing this life soberly, it’s definitely a challenge.
  1. Your relationship is likely to be a secret. If he has a wife and kids and a good paying job, an “affair” would cost him everything. Discretion is gold.
  1. UAE have Decency Law about a strict dress code. Your shoulders and knees have to be covered. Don’t worry, bikinis are allowed…but only on the beach.

Another important aspect is that prostitution or escorting is illegal in UAE and can be punishable by prison. Most of us have heard the stories of women traveling to Dubai and making thousands for a pleasing Emirati Sheik for doing various sexual acts.

Well, sounds too good to be true, taking into consideration amount of prohibitions in this country. Some of this principles may seem impassable, however, if you will persevere, he will appreciate it.

My adventure in Dubai started extraordinarily and luxuriously, of course. My Dubai-ish Daddy took care of it, naturally. I flew in by Emirates, yes, business class baby. Endless amount of Moet and perfect service attendants. At the airport was waiting for me literally, a procession. In the minute my leg came off the plane, a glamorous, Arabic woman waited for me with a bouquet of red roses from my admirer. There is nothing like a warm welcome. She led me to my shuttle which carried me through the entire airport, straight to my Master. Blue shirt wonderfully harmonized with his tan, and blinding, white teeth. His smell…It wasn’t only my favorite perfume (Paco Rabanne One Milion). It’s was the smell of pheromones, self-esteem, and self-confidence, something I love most. The evening went as I expected. Bottle of Veuve Clicquot, unusual chemistry, and torn Lingerie.The next week I spent on exploring the splendor of Dubai. Well, by myself. Sometimes Daddy needs to take care of business and good girls support them.

Although the “rules” of sugar dating in the UAE may differ from other countries, the base is the same. Spending quality time with an interesting and skilled woman .Despite their apparent dominance, give them a mixture of courtesy and beauty, I assure you, even Sheikhs will soften up.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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