Sugar Advisor: Yes, woman.

Yes, woman.

Sugar Advisor

Do you remember a brilliant film “Yes Man“ starring Jim Carrey? The main character challenges himself to say yes to everything for a year and has some fascinating experiences along the way.

Where’s the hidden reference to Sugar Dating?

Sugar Daddies loves to spend time with “Yes” Babies. Sweet, positive and willing to take on new challenges. Every suggestion from him comes with your rhetorical answer “Yes“.

We use “yes” in many contexts. Sincere consent, posed positivism and orgasm (3x yes). From my experience, a positive answer gives you much more benefits. At the beginning it is hard to break it up because you will have to do things that don’t go along with your preferences, however, it will pay off, believe me. Compatibility makes life easier, even compromises are not an option. Full support, no criticism. Have your own opinion on many topics but go with his plan. He chooses holidays, restaurants and of course, wine. There is something sexy about the man selecting a menu for his woman. Invisible domination. He decides what you will fill your stomach with and which alcohol will manipulate your mind. Simple actions with hidden meaning. Always appreciate his choices. In addition to the firm “yes”, praise his amazing taste. Stroke his ego.

By “yes”, you build your position. Be an optimistic woman ready to leave her comfort zone. They love it. In a midlife crisis, he needs unusual sensations. If he can’t afford Porsche, he goes to the swingers club. Probably it’s not your natural environment but don’t frown and say the magic word “yes.” He will appreciate your openness.

Most people say the only empty, perfectly “blow-dried“ dolls agree on everything. I will quote wonderful Christina Hendricks in the role of Joan, in the “Mad Man“ series:”You need to stop and see what they’re seeing because it’s important to them and you respect them. Really listen. And learn to say ‘yes’ more than ‘no’. Sometimes they want to hear ‘yes’ and that’s fine,” she said.

You don’t give up your free will, you control the actions that benefit you and make him feel fulfilled. However, life is not a fairy tale and there are moments in which we must say ‘No’. Be firm and calm. Explain to him your reasons and be honest. Being in harmony with your will is healing for you and stimulating for him. I remember when I first time said “No” to my Sugar Daddy. We were in Germany where he attended business meetings and I was his entertainer.

After a full day of slouching around the city, I returned to the hotel. He was waiting for me with the surprise. It was a sweet blondie with protruding breasts. Exactly his type. The requirement was simple. Threesome. Don’t get me wrong. I’m open for variety, but not by surprise. When he heard a firm “No” for us three and strong “Yes” for the two of them to having fun, he burst out of anger. He didn’t even want her. How do I know?

He threw her out of the hotel room and made me hell. He wanted to test me and see my boundaries. That time he crossed over and I stood by my side. When he woke up the next morning, he forgot the whole situation and never surprised me again. He respected my decision. However, it doesn’t mean we didn’t have fun in trios later…

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor

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