Sugar Advisor: “Dolce far niente” -The sweetness of doing nothing

Surely many of you watched the movie “Eat, pray, love”. I watched it myself maybe…50 times. I bet most women would love to search for themselves in paradises like Elizabeth Gilbert. Carefree discovering cultures in solitude. That’s what I imagined. I started like her, Rome. Lonely, delicious dinners and long walks in ruins bored me after a week.

My Roman holiday did not last long. I even accepted additional 4 kilograms on me as Elizabeth advised, “You have to love your muffin top“. Unfortunately, I didn’t travel to India. I don’t like walking on cows shit and meditating all day long. Forgive me, Elizabeth.

My Balinese Diary:

However, I flew to Bali. It was a sponsored trip to the popular Indonesian Island by my Sugar Daddy. My dream come true. Momondo always said that the tickets there, were out of my financial range. I accepted it. I imagined myself biking through the jungle and opening up my soul with the help of spiritual guru. I was completely out of touch with reality.

I flew there with the Emirates, of course, fancy traveling. The brutal realisation was waiting for me at the destination. My Sugar Daddy had to stay in Europe for one week more. You know, business obligations. It was only 7 days in a completely foreign culture, Elisabeth spent months here “You’ve got this“, I told myself.

Next reality check was: Bali didn’t look as I imagined. Noise, pollution, tourists, motorcycles – shortly, chaos. “How will I find myself here? How do I find peace of mind?“ I questioned myself. My daddy parked me in a middle-class hotel, how snazzy. Poor AC and sticky rice, anytime, day or night. Okay, I will stop complaining. I was on one of the most beautiful Indonesian Islands. No worries, no bonds, freedom. I spent the week on exploring the city and testing myself. I had many moments of weakness. I lost myself, I sunburned and made friends with the cockroach. I did not find peace of mind, but I survived.

He came. When I saw him at the airport I almost melted. Not because it was 35 degrees Celsius. He was so nubile. Tall, tanned, muscular, enchanting and energetic ( the list is longer). His blue-ish eyes were like the ocean on Phi Phi Islands. His mesmerising, white smile was enticing. He was a magnificent lover, passionate but not pushy. However, I could not fall in love. That was an agreement between us. Means, I could but I had to hide it. He didn’t want to be attached, he wanted to live life like there was no tomorrow. His wish was my command. I was a wonderful company in social life, in bed, and in conversation. I was open like a book. I had to, I wanted to experience unforgettable moments that will accompany me forever. Half of you are outraged now and thinking “you sold yourself”. I will explain something, I didn’t sell myself. I sold my company.

In the following weeks, I experienced exploration, adventure, jungle, best tuna tartare in my life and smooth life of Sugar Baby in the journey. Smart Sugar Baby. Aware of her values and grounded in her mind. What are the aims of a typical Sugar Baby on exotic holiday? Sun-kissed skin, not sunburned. Zimmermann flowy dresses (now in fashion) and delicate Hawaiian- surfer style highlights in your hair. Blissfulness, delight in the views, the liquors, and his company. Your appreciation of every special moment that thanks to him, you can experience. Aspire for more than lounging on the beach. I know that exploring “tourist heavens” is not the best entertainment but show him that studying other cultures can be interesting. Especially when you wear a mini skirt and every man turns around for you, your daddy may feel like an alpha male. It will encourage him to walk, I swear.

Yours truly,

Sugar Advisor