Why do men have affairs? The most popular reasons of infidelity

Why do men have affairs? The most popular reasons of infidelity.

Have you ever experienced unfaithfulness in a relationship? Despite the fact that in today’s post we describe men, it is not an act assigned exclusively to one sex. Nevertheless, the reasons why men and women cheat can differ a little bit. That’s why, women’s affairs is a topic for another post in the future.

We’ve decided to prepare some of the most popular reasons why men cheat on their partners. Please remember though, that the below motives are not some kind of ways to excuse men of doing so. If someone has an affair, there is clearly a reason for that. The reason should not be the justification of their actions though. This act can, without any doubts, hurt people and if the other side does not approve of that, it can also irreversibly destroy the relationship.

So why do men cheat?

  1. The partner/wife does not satisfy him/her sexually

It is one of the most popular reasons. A long relationship or marriage can sometimes cause lack of passion and fascination between partners, both in bed and in everyday life. At least not as much as it was in the beginning of their relationship. For some men it is justifiable then, that if a girlfriend or wife cannot or doesn’t want to satisfy their partner sexually, they have a right to find someone who can or does. What is even worse, men may follow the rule what the eye does not see, the heart doesn’t grieve over”, which means that they don’t even feel guilty. Only when their partner finds out about the affair, they may feel a bit guilty, but even then their excuse will be “you didn’t want, then I found someone else.

  1. Affair is his last name

It is also possible, that your partner is not mature enough to be in a monogamous relationship. He doesn’t care about the promises he made, nor the assertions about being over with his wild past. He may not understand how loyalty in a relationship towards another person works, so he uses it in his favour. Perhaps he doesn’t feel like changing for another person, so it will be very hard to make him be the loyal and loving partner you want him to be. It is about time to pack your bags and start a new life, with another partner who deserves you. Better late than never!

  1. Unfulfilled emotional needs

Yes, also emotional needs are important to keep the balance in a relationship. If a man feels unimportant, undepreciated and unwanted, he may start looking for emotional (and sexual) support somewhere else, with someone who wants to be there for him. Let’s not forget, that men have feelings too, and not only sex makes them happy and fulfilled husbands and partners.

  1. When a woman is dowdy

There is a lot of women who likes looking flawless at any time of the day and night and they make it their daily priority. There are also those, who don’t attach importance to this subject, or they just adjust it to work and home environments. At home they like feeling comfortable, wearing casual clothes, remove makeup, tight hair and so on. Apparently, some men can’t handle such transformation or make-over and their woman is not as attractive for them as she was in the beginning of their relationship. Is it enough to have an affair? We don’t think so..  

There is many reasons why men cheat, way more that the above 4. The most important thing is to be loyal. Even when the affair happens, partners should be honest with each other. People make mistakes, but only those honourable have enough courage to tell the truth. Very often the core of the problem is in the relationship, for example something is missing, we don’t feel comfortable or we need a change. Through conversation, you can solve a lot of problems, and even forgive the infidelity.

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