The privileged life of a Sugar Baby

The privileged life of a Sugar Baby

Let’s take it from the beginning. What exactly is a privilege?

A privilege is an advantage that just one person or group of people has, usually because of their position or because they are rich. (in this case)

And be honest, who doesn’t want this advantage in their life, to experience all the power and capability of a luxury life?

In our sugar community, there are several reasons why women decide to choose the Sugar life. Sometimes, they just struggle in their everyday life, or they just want to be someone else for a short period of time without actually having to change much; sometimes they just want to experience the good things in life, without having to compromise or save up money to afford buying or doing something completely different than what they would normally do. Or simply because they want to be challenged by intelligent men – brain love- kinda’ challenge.

Well, you can be that woman whom you’ve dreamed for so long, maybe even starting today! You can choose to experience all those adventures, challenges, luxury products and joy, and actually see what a privileged life can provide to you.

You might be in doubts regarding this privileged lifestyle, so we made a little test for you too see if this will actually be for you or not. You can choose between two pictures from each category listed below.

There are 5 life situations from which you can select. All the “A” pictures goes for decent lifestyle and all the “B” pictures goes for the privileged lifestyle. And which lifestyle suits you more? Just check your result, count from which letter you have more. Trust your instincts and do not hesitate so much. When the test is complete, share with us. Write down in a comment which lifestyle is for you. There are not right or wrong answers.

1. Imagine, that you are going to shopping.

Are you going to buy clothes on sale or you would like to have a limitless credit card so you can buy anything, especially clothes from your favourite brand?

2. Imagine, you have to go somewhere.

How would you prefer to go there? By public transport or by car and take your friends with you?

3. Imagine, you would like to go out and eat somewhere

Would you prefer to stay in line for a 5$ hotdog or would you prefer to enjoy a 60$ brunch by yourself in an upscale restaurant? (And don’t forget the tips 😉 )

4. Imagine, you are going out on a Friday night with your friends.

Would you go to a crowded bar or would you choose a fancy club, where you can have your own table.

5. Imagine, you would like to have new jewelries.

Would you like to have unknown or replica jewelries or you would like to have a glamorous designer’s collection?

Are you satisfied with your result? ☺

Do not forget, there is always a Sugar Daddy, who can assist in making your dreams comes true more easily! A typical Sugar Daddy is a gentleman, and he likes to please his princess in many ways. Let him fulfill your wishes and to use his power to make you happy. Nothing is impossible!


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