6 Ways to Freshen up Your Relationship

Wouldn’t it be great if people could clean their relationships just like they do their houses during the big spring cleaning? Throw out the surplus, freshen up the atmosphere… tidy up a little? When it comes to love, it’s a little bit more complicated or at least we make it seem more complicated than it really is.

In the beginning, most relationships are full of passion but later on it becomes difficult to keep the spark. Stress, busy schedules and time can put off the “fire” there was initially. And on top of that, routine. Nothing kills romance like routine. When two people rarely see each other, it’s not that difficult to get things going. But if they live together, share all their tales of woe, and then when routine settles, oh, that’s a whole lot different story. Every couple has to find a way to reignite the spark if they want to keep it going.

How to get started? Check out our tips below and let’s hope they help you freshen up your relationship.

1. Try something new

There is always something new to experience when in a relationship, no matter how well you two know each other. And you can certainly find a new way to have fun. Seriously, if you always do the same thing together, you may get tired of it soon. For example, many couples love watching movies together. This is great. But if done all the time, it’s no longer funny, it’s just routine.

So tonight, play board games together if you haven’t done this one yet. You will find traits about your partner you never noticed before. (Hint: both you and your partner must enjoy what you’re doing!) Just keep in mind the following: old equals boring; new equals exciting and fun. The choice is all yours, guys.

2. Attend a course together

There are a number of options for couples who want to spend more time together learning. Everything from cooking classes to yoga and fitness, to name a few, are a great option for you, no matter if you’ve been into this relationship for six months or several years. The list of things you could do together is endless.

Many people attend dancing classes. From time immemorial, dancing has been a way to communicate, indulge your soul, express your feelings or simply enjoy yourself. Whereas in the past it came naturally for men to be leaders and women to be followers, today roles have reversed a little. Dancing in a couple is a new and interesting way to communicate with your partner with no words. It also offers a new form of intimacy. Dancing can teach a person many things such as discipline and perseverance. The most important lesson, however, when it comes to relationships is cooperation. Men should learn to lead and women to follow, but they should do it in such a way so as to keep the dance smooth and effortless. In dancing there is no room for fight or predominance.

There are many types of dances you and your partner can try such as ballroom dances or Latin dances. Kizomba, bachata and salsa are gaining more popularity day by day. They’re so popular that the chances are there is a local dancing club near where you live or work. Just give it a try.

3. Start new conversations

Some wise people say that one should find somebody that they can talk to for hours so that if the spark is over they can still communicate with each other. At the beginning of a relationship, when you’re still getting to know one another, you’re asking questions. Many questions. But when you become familiar with the other one’s personality you suddenly stop asking. Instead, you only talk about stuff like “Will you take the rubbish out?” and “Do we have milk?” Break the routine and start asking the right questions.

4. Do together the chores

This isn’t romantic at all, but according to specialists, if you share your responsibilities in the house, you will reduce quarrels. Not to mention, your love nest will be all clean and tidy. After all, today housekeeping is no longer a “women’s thing” only and men should help their partners with cleaning. If you don’t like this idea simply use guaranteed cleaning services and spend the free time together doing something you really like.

5. Redecorate your bedroom

As unimportant as your bedroom might seem to you just because guests do not hang around there, the biggest mistake is to neglect this part of your house. This is your love nest. This is the place where you spend lots of time together and you should definitely think about making it cosy and fresh. Even if the bedroom is not the only room in the house you like to show your love for each other, it still needs a little refreshing every now and then. So either change the paint on the walls or add a new item. It totally depends on your personal preferences. Make sure you never let your bedroom be the most unattractive room in the house!

6. Anymore?

Other ways to help you reignite your relationship include changing your negative habits (such as spending evenings by the phone or coming late home), replacing behaviours with ones that really work, quitting nagging and complaining, going on a vacation and even marriage counselling.

Which ones do you like best?

This article is kindly presented by Olivia Moore. She is very romantic persona and truly believes that everyone deserves to find the true love.