George Clooney – The Sugar Daddy of your dreams

52-year-old actor and model may just be the perfect Sugar Daddy to numerous Sugar Babies on our website. The average age of the Sugar Daddy wanted is 41, but still Clooney has a few traits that make him perfect. What is it about this man that makes females go crazy?

George Clooney IS Confidence

This man exemplifies confidence in everything he does. Whether it comes down to acting, sexily smiling in a commercial or even parading around in tight boxer briefs, this man has it covered in more areas than most men.

While some men find it difficult to rock a suit, it’s easy for Clooney to wear his birthday suit. Ladies join because they want a confident gentleman who is not afraid to take dating to the next level. In Europe, we have seen George Clooney starring in Nespresso-commercials where he has a lot of self-irony. And that also shows a man of confidence. This confidence will take dating to the next level.

George Clooney IS a Gentleman

Everything about Clooney just smells like a gentleman. His clothes, his looks, his charm, everything, and the gentleman is exactly what our Sugar Babes are looking for. They are not looking for a man with a few bucks that are searching for casual sex. They want more than that.

George Clooney IS

So even though Nespresso has Clooney as the face of their commercials, we, of course, would love to have Clooney as our face to the outside world, but until now we cannot be Clooney’s Sugar Daddy and offer him a large sum of money to be that man. Until we can hire him, you’ll get an unknown model with a beard – Here you go 🙂

Who do you think is the perfect gentleman for