What is a sugar daddy?

There are so many different definitions of a sugar daddy, and to be honest they never really embrace the details in what a sugar daddy relationship could be. It is not just about the money. And it is not just about sex. A sugar daddy could be so much more than just a sponsor of a cute little college sugar baby, and this is actually what makes the sugar daddy dating experience so confusing. Because a lot of sugar daddies and sugar babies work with stereotypes. Then they have a hard time adjusting to sugar daddies and sugar babes being something else than just an exchange of money and sex.

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A Sugar daddy wants a lasting relationship

The majority of our sugar daddies want a lasting relationship. Not just a one night stand where they pay the girl in cash. Doing this is like “going to a prostitute”, one of our sugar daddies explains. “If that was what I was searching for, I would simply go to a brothel.” The sugar daddy wants to build a relationship with a sugar baby and wants to develop some kind of intimacy other than just the sex. “It’s about getting to know another person. What turns her on and what doesn’t. A prostitute has to mimic the pleasure, and that kills it for me” another sugar daddy explain.

So it is often about getting in a relationship where the premise is about building a fast relationship with a clear agenda. Not spending time on figuring out what to do with the relationship but cutting the crap and getting don to the root of the mutual needs. “We spent a whole date figuring out what we wanted to do with our relationship before engaging ourselves into this. But we agreed to the terms and have met more than 10 times now.” Our sugar daddy tells us about his latest relationship. “I see her as my girlfriend, and she sees me as her boyfriend, and we have agreed to be 100% honest and tell each other everything. I have never experienced honesty like this in my previous relationships.”

Sugar daddy: “Not just sex”

The relationship between a sugar daddy and a sugar baby is best defined as a mutual beneficial relationship, where there is a transaction of goods and services. Because love isn’t considered something you can trade with, the sugar daddy relationship has often been frowned at. But at Sugardaters.com we don’t understand that.

Every relationship is working because there is a transaction. And be very certain: A lot of the “normal” relationship don’t include love. The transaction is about something else but love, and then eventually the relationship will end. It can be very hard to include 100% honesty in a “normal” relationship, because it was built on a love/love transaction, but when that transaction falls apart it has to be replaced with a new transaction, and if it is not, something will go wrong.

The sugar daddy relationship starts and ends with honesty. This is why so many sugar daddy/sugar baby relationships actually evolve into “normal” relationships. For a lot of sugar daddies, this is actually what they want, but they don’t have time to explore and feel, they cut to the business and love the honesty in the sugar dating business.