Sugar daddy dating is still growing

“You have to think about it like a numbers game, it’s like, these are arrangements and not associations, it’s better to believe in it like a job instead of dating” says an eighteen-year-old previous sugar babe who goes by the name ‘Victoria’. The more money Victoria tends to make from attending dates and journeys with her sugar daddies, the much more time she can devote to her free time and studies. “I couldn’t pay for school or my rent without having a full-time job. Then I became a sugar babe”. The gifts she has gotten because of her status as a sugar babe include among others a brand new Mustang convertible, Christian Louboutin shoes,  designer hand bags and also a pet dog

Because of the economic climate and it continues down slip, most specialists agree that the sugar daddy dating trend has yet to peak. Not everyone is comfortable with the idea of no-strings-attached courting. “I know that people are uncomfortable with the idea initially, but if you give the idea sometimes, you will realize that it’s not as well different from normal courting… just without the drama”- states Stephan Smith, blogger for a popular sugar daddy site.

There are never guarantees that the women you are dating as a sugar daddy really loves you. Even though, a real partnership may exist many thinks it is unlike to let the relationship develop as the sugar daddy’s age gets farther from the sugar babe. People, in general, don’t believe in 20-year old women falling in love with a 60-year-old man.

As we wrote about a couple of days ago, on contrary to popular beliefs, a lot of our couples actually fall in love and eventually grow a real relationship without the sugar agreement. The sugar arrangement between the sugar daddy and the sugar babe starts a relationship with very clear agreements which you don’t see on normal dating sites. This leaves room for romance and for experiencing each other without worrying about where you have one another. It is that simple.

So even though people, in general, don’t think highly about sugar dating, it is still a thing that still are growing in numbers. Not just because of economics. Also, because it is a much easier way to date and to let things evolve.