Can sugar dating be about love?

The concept of “Dating for Dollars” and the relationship between money and love has been matters of debate for ages.  It is, therefore, natural to ask if it is possible to for a Sugar Daddy to find love if his money is involved in the courtship process? Because can the “gold-digger” really give up gold-digging and actually fall in love with her Sugar Daddy for who he is if the relationship started out being about money? have a niche focus – the use of money and financial means as a major component of the dating process.  This monetary component is also what drives the endless controversy surrounding our websites, but it is not just about money. We talk about the match between expectation before going on a date, and sometimes – yes – it is a matter of money.  Relationship experts are quick to point out that money only attracts gold diggers, not love.  While others go even further by stereotyping SugarDaddy/SugarBabe relationships as morally questionable.

Does money really kill romance?  Or can it do the opposite? Kindle romance where none exists? And does money really attract only shallow gold-diggers, or does it attract pragmatic and rational beings?

We are all humans.  Men are genetically programmed to seek out women they feel will produce healthy and attractive babies.  Women, on the other hand, are programmed to seek out men who have the means of taking care of her and her family.  The fact that such basic urges exist deep in our sub-conscious does not however mean we do not have feelings.  That is what sets us humans apart from others in the animal kingdom.

In Scandinavia where Sugardaters is the biggest sugar dating site, there are countless examples of SugarBabes finding love in a SugarRelationship. Even though it starts out as a mutually beneficial relationship revolving around money, it grows and expands. Suddenly it is about feelings as well.

So, do SugarBabes fall in Love? — The answer is absolutely yes. Money does not buy love, but it creates an opportunity to meet on fair and agreeable terms. This often lacks in other dating concepts, and because of that Sugardating creates just as much love as any other dating concept.