Scandinavian’s biggest sugar dating site launches in US is the biggest sugar dating site in Scandinavia. In Denmark alone Sugardaters have more than 5.000 profiles and the numbers are rising every day. The site have been mentioned in several national media and have brought a lot of attention to the concept. Now it is time to cross borders and launch the same concept in the US.

The value for the daters will increase heavily for every country that is included in the network. Busy businessmen and women traveling all over the world will have a chance to set up dates before leaving their home country. But of course it is the domestic market that needs to grow first thing, so US sugardaters can meet up and make agreements.

The concept is simple: We match generous sugar daddy and sugar moms with grateful sugar babes – The daters will make clear agreements before heading out for a date and where that will lead them, only they will know.

We hope the US market is ready to welcome a bunch of Scandinavian girls and sugar daddies.